February 22, 2018

To be the preferred outsourced and managed service provider of electronic financial and payments solutions in the Philippines and beyond.


PROFESSIONALISM is the proficiency, competency and reliability in the work we do. It is demonstrated in the way a MegaLink employee is committed to the highest standards of business and work ethics to deliver outstanding quality or excellence in all aspects of individual and organizational performance.

FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY is evolving and adjusting with change to maintain competitiveness to take advantage of opportunities in the environment. It involves being continuously introspect and reassessing the needs for change in the way we conduct ourselves and do business with others.

FAIRNESS  is giving what is rightfully due to an individual or entity through unprejudiced policies, objective evaluations and impartial courses of actions.

INTEGRITY is being honest, trustworthy, responsible and accountable in one’s words, actions and decisions to protect and promote the image and reputation of the organization.

INITIATIVE is being proactive and having the sense of concern and urgency in pursuing opportunities and turning them to realities. To achieve this, employees shall be empowered to make responsible decisions and actions.

TEAMWORK  is the commitment to work in synergy with others and focus on the good of the whole organization to reach a common goal. It requires each individual to contribute and share skills and resources in pursuit of shared objectives. It is cultivated by a workplace that fosters trust, respect and camaraderie.

SERVICE is the dedication to identify, listen, communicate, deliver products and services that meet and delight the expectations of both internal and external customers.