March 18, 2018
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Here are some reminders to ensure that each experience with our electronic banking channel and service is not only pleasant, but safe and secure as well. Always remember that it is every account holder’s responsibility to monitor his banking transactions. Review and check your accounts and transaction history regularly and as soon as you receive them. Communicate with your bank of account in the soonest time possible if you think there are irregularities in your accounts.

Hassle-free holiday shopping with MegaLink ATM cards

With Christmas just a few weeks away, MegaLink, the country’s pioneering ATM consortium, encourages everyone to spend worry-free holiday shopping by using your MegaLink ATM cards.

Your MegaLink ATM card can be used for payments at over 30,000 accredited supermarkets, groceries, department stores and other merchant establishments with MegaLink POS terminals.  Your purchases will simply be debited from your account. Just look for the MegaLink logo at accredited shops and follow these easy steps:

  1. Present your MegaLink ATM card to the cashier for payment.
  2. Cashier will swipe your card in the POS terminal key. Key in the amount for payment and select the account to be deducted (savings or current).
  3. Cashier will hand you the PIN pad. Please check the amount entered by the cashier.
  4. Key in your PIN and press “enter”. Please make sure no one can see the PIN pad while making your transaction.
  5. Cashier will hand you back your ATM card and approved transaction receipt.

MegaLink members have also undertaken activities to further guarantee that cardholders can transact conveniently at the ATMs this holiday season.  These include ensuring that sufficient cash is loaded at the ATM; having on-call bank personnel to load cash to ATMs; and monitoring and servicing of ATMs during the holidays.